Boat Trader's popular new Stomping Grounds TV Show continues to gain steam as the brand's video crew tours America, criss crossing the country to explore and uncover boating stories from local boaters on a diverse array of coastal waterways, rivers and lakes. From the bayou to the Rocky Mountains, and the depths of the Pacific to the sandbars of New England, Stomping Grounds features boaters across America showcasing why they love their boat and what features make it the perfect vessel for their neck of the woods.


The latest 2 episodes of Stomping Grounds visit the Coast of Maine and Florida's Treasure Coast, respectively, delving into the history, nature and boating communities in each region. The episodes take an intimatie, documentary-style approach to exploring a the stories and traditions in each locale and the boats unique to the area. Host Ryan McVinney interviews boaters about their local culture, history and the types of vessels that they use, exploring what key features make them the ideal watercraft for their purposes.

Stomping Grounds 6: Florida's Treasure Coast

In Stomping Grounds Episode 6, Boat Trader visits Florida's Treasure Coast, where host Ryan McVinney shows viewers why the charming seaside city of Stuart is an outdoorsman's paradise. Widely known as "The Sailfish Capital of the World", the crew embarks on a day of sailfishing with Captain Scott Fawcett on his 31 Contender, to learn why Stuart is the place to be to catch these prized billfish year-round.

With great sportfishing, comes great sportfish boats; so Boat Trader then takes viewers to Stuart's "Dreamboat District", where some of the world's greatest custom boat builders reside. The gang meets up with Chris Collins, the owner of a classic 20 Seacraft, custom-built for Stuart's plethora of fisheries, on a boat ride through the expanses of the St. Lucie River. Here, viewers learn more about Stuart's famous snook fishery and diverse ecosystem. Along the way, a stop at the old Evinrude test facility uncovers some unique maritime history. For proper education regarding the environmental challenges the St. Lucie River faces and how the community has banded together to protect this valuable resource, Boat Trader interviews Indian Riverkeeper, Mike Connor. Last, but not least, Ryan McVinney takes the day off to enjoy a relaxing day on the Stuart sandbar with locals. Here, when the water is clear and the sun is shining, hundreds of boaters bow up to the bar to show off their rides and enjoy their backyard boating paradise.

Stomping Ground 7: A Downeast Lifestyle, Maine Boating

Stomping Grounds Episode 7

Above: A Wheeler 38 yacht featured in Stomping Grounds 7. Photo by Boat Trader.

From Lobster boats and windjammers to downeast style yachts and classic wooden vessels, Stomping Grounds 7 has the Boat Trader crew visiting the coast of Maine to explore the rich heritage behind one of the meccas of wooden boat building in the United States. Highlighted is a very special boat constructed at the Brooklin Boat Yard named LEGEND, a stunning 38-foot wooden boat that is a well-researched and accurate reproduction of Ernest Hemingway's fishing boat, PILAR built by Wheeler Yachts, the same family-run company that built his original yacht. Next is a stop to the nearby WoodenBoat Magazine that keeps tradition alive by teaching a new generation of students how to build wooden boats.

From there viewers learn about modern "downeast style" yachts and the venerated Hinckley Yachts company before stopping in Camden to learn about Windjammer sailboats, hopping aboard Capt. Dennis Gallant's Windjammer ANGELIQUE, a steel hull "Brixham trawler" that takes adventurous guests around Maine's many natural archipelagos. The last stop has host Ryan McVinney visiting Bar Harbor to chat with Captain Dallas Hodgkins, a third generation lobsterman who explains lobster boats and lobstering, a quintessential Maine pastime.

More Stomping Grounds Episodes Coming Soon

Boat Trader says another 10 upcoming episodes have already been filmed and will feature boaters and their unique stories in 8 more states including Maryland, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas, Utah and Montana.

Along with the boating-themed TV show, the brand has been inviting followers on its social media channels - including Boat Trader's Instagram page, YouTube channel, Facebook page and TikTok account - to share their own personal boating stories and boat videos for a chance to be featured in more upcoming episodes. Boaters can use the hashtag #MyStompingGrounds and tag @BoatTrader and the crew may visit their locale next.

Boaters Can Get Involved On Social Media

Boat Trader is also giving away boat gear and brand swag as part of the "My Stomping Grounds" campaign, encouraging boaters everywhere to share why they love their boat and what makes it perfect for their neck of the woods. The best way for boaters to get involved is to follow the official verified Boat Trader Instagram account and send a direct message and tag the brand in a post. There is also a Stomping Grounds website set up where boat owners can submit their own boats and boating stories for a chance to be featured on the show.