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Contender has over 35 years of experience building the world’s finest semi-custom sportfishing boats; boats that are carefully engineered and meticulously hand-crafted - boats that out-perform and out-last. Being a semi-custom builder allows Contender to craft boats that excel in tournament fishing, family outings, commercial work and everything in-between. Each boat built delivers the ultimate performance, strength, durability and comfort you should expect from a Contender.

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The stepped hulls found on a Contender hull offer the benefit of increased speed and improved fuel economy. The steps generate greater lift than conventional v-bottoms which causes decreased resistance and a lower running angle resulting in a more efficient ride. Thanks to our decades of experience designing and building high performance fishing boats, we have been able to create the best performing stepped hulls in the industry while maintaining the handling, seaworthiness, and fishability expected from a Contender.

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