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Sport Fishing Boats

  • Activities: Saltwater Fishing and Overnight Cruising
  • Length Range: 26-100 ft.
  • Average price: $350,000
  • Propulsion: Inboard Engine or High-Horsepower Outboard Engine

Serious offshore anglers who have the bankroll and the confidence usually make the upgrade from center console fishing boats to battlewagons, better known as sport fishing boats, at some point. Typically, sport fishing boats are best known for their offerings in two main styles: convertible and express. For starters, it’s important to understand that all sport fishing boats bring their own lineup of strengths to the table. For example, it’s much easier to get around on an express than a convertible. With no bridgedeck ladders in your water, there’s easy access to engine rooms and the helm—which is generally just steps away from the cockpit.

Convertible sport fishing boats also offer an advantage of larger cabins and extra interior space. With their height, these models utilize their flybridges to give the captain an elevated line of sight—making it easier for him to spot fish or offshore structures like rips, weedlines and flotsam. At similar sizes, expresses tend to be more stable than convertibles due to their lower center of gravity. Regardless of style, sport fishing boats don’t come cheap. There is an especially large market for convertibles, which makes it easy to find a model that matches your budget and preferences.

When narrowing down your options for your perfect sport fishing boat, be sure to prioritize your needs. If you place the most emphasis on cabin size, a convertible will be your pick. But if you tend to fish short-handed as often as not, or if you like to get into the cockpit and reach for the gaff on a regular basis, an express is probably going to be your pick. No matter what you choose, you’ll be making the right call when you step up to a new bluewater sport fishing boat and are able to claim it as your own.

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