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Sailing Dinghies

  • Activities: Watersports
  • Length Range: 5 - 15 ft.
  • Average price: $5,700
  • Up to 5 passengers

When it comes to sailing dinghies, there are two main types to consider: singlehanded sailing dinghies or doublehanded sailing dinghies. Singlehanders are designed to be sailed by one person, while doublehanded are sailed by two people. One of the benefits of this style boat is that they are not difficult to sail, making the singlehander particularly useful and easy to learn—you’ll be able to handle every aspect of the boat yourself. Whatever your age or skill set, there will be singlehanders that offers exactly the right level challenge for your first or next boat, with a plethora of boats available ranging from single-sail simplicity to exhilarating skiffs.

Keep in mind that if you’re just getting started, having a doublehander could also be quite nice because it lends to the social experience while also giving you an extra set of hands for assistance. When it comes to narrowing down your decision between the two, keep in mind it’s potential usage—will you be racing, cruising, sailing with family, or will you mainly be sailing on your own? If you plan to use your boat for racing, take a look at what’s around locally. A boat that has decent-sized fleets will give you an instant source of support and friends. For cruising, check out practicalities like storage, outboard motor options, and the possibility of having an awning for overnight camping.

Be sure to consider additional factors, like price and condition, before purchasing your sailing dinghy. Always stick to a budget. If you are prepared to travel, you may find a cheaper boat but be prepared to not buy if you get there and it’s in poor condition. A shiny new boat is always appealing but second-hand options can give you plenty of “bang for your buck” and allow you to see whether you like a particular doublehander before taking the plunge and upgrading to a newer model.

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