Above: A Lekker 44 yacht on the water running port side view. Photo by Denison Yachting and LEKKER Boats.

Possessing both intelligence and power, the LEKKER 44 debuted at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival last year, and has been turning heads on the water at marinas and harbors around the world since. Collaborating with a world champion offshore racer, the innovative designers at LEKKER Boats developed an aluminum hull that effortlessly slices through waves, guaranteeing a smooth and pleasurable ride, even amidst challenging sea conditions.

Above: A LEKKER 44 boat on the water. Photo by Denison Yachting and LEKKER Boats.

This aluminum marvel is constructed to withstand the test of time, akin to the renowned Dutch bicycles. The Dutch are renowned for their craftsmanship that endures a lifetime, and this boat exemplifies that tradition. Its design ensures its presence on the water for another century, granting you the opportunity to relish its quality and dependability for generations to come. Now, let's delve into the remarkable features of this popular boat that has been trending on social media in 2023, partially due to its unique aesthetics and sharp design features.


Made of lightweight carbon fiber with an aluminum construction, the boat is stable and lifts smoothly off the water getting on plane within a few seconds. Powered by twin Volvo Penta D6 diesel sterndrives making 440-HP each, the Lekker 44 has a max horsepower of 880 and a top speed of around 57 MPH (or 92 km/h). She holds 21 people, has a range of 800 nautical miles, providing the speed and acceleration adrenalines junkies crave. The boat handles and runs like turbocharged cheetah through the water! 

As an alternative to the Volvo Penta D6-440 DPI engines, owners can reportedly opt for outboard power, in either triple Mercury 400HP V-10 engines, or twin Mercury 600HP V-12 engines. Additionally, the boat can be ordered with an extra 100-gallon fuel tanks for longer range trips.

Above: A Lekker 44 yacht underway viewed from overhead behind the stern. Photo by Denison Yachting and LEKKER Boats.

But it's not just about raw power. These engines are also designed with efficiency in mind. With advanced engineering and technology, they offer a great balance between performance and fuel economy. So you can have a thrilling ride without breaking the bank at the fuel pump. Additionally, these durable Volvo engines are built to withstand the demands of challenging conditions. Whether you're cruising through calm waters or tackling rough seas, LEKKER 44 boats are engineered to provide reliable performance, keeping you safe and in control.

Another notable element is the beaching feature of the 44 LEKKER Day Boat. This boat is not just strong but also practical. You can cruise through shallow waters, as little as two feet, and pull up right on the beach, just as if you are in a little 12 foot skiff. 


The transom on the LEKKER 44 Is built to be robust and reliable. The 5-foot long swim platform on the transom provides excellent access to the water for swimming, diving and water sports, along with a convenient built-in show and aft-facing storage compartments for storing toys, floats, fenders and lines. You'll find convenient access points to swim ladders and back into the cockpit. The transom on the LEKKER 44 boats is designed with versatility in mind.

Above: The transom and swim platform on a LEKKER 44. Photo by Denison Yachting and LEKKER Boats.

The stern area on the boat is a prime spot for relaxation and socializing but is also a practical, usable area for sports and onboarding as well as docking. She has heavy duty cleats on either side of the transom, and forward of the transom there are comfortable seating options with plush cushions, spacious benches and even convertible seating arrangements. It's the perfect spot to soak up the surroundings, have a chat, or simply watch the world go by as you cruise along.


The aft deck is designed to accommodate your crew with ample seating for everyone. LEKKER 44 models come equipped with top-notch audio systems that will keep the party going strong. To keep the refreshments flowing, you might find a convenient built-in fridge or cooler right on the aft deck. No need to make constant trips back and forth to the galley when you can have your drinks within arm's reach. There are two big tables located starboard and port on the aft deck along with ample room for dining alfresco with friends and family. There is also a complete galley on deck complete with an electric barbecue, built-in ice cube maker and even an optional beer keg tap.

Above: Inside the cockpit looking aft towards the aft deck and transom onboard a LEKKER 44 while underway. Photo by Denison Yachting and LEKKER Boats.

Additionally, some LEKKER 44 models feature a dedicated space for enjoying meals alfresco. And, for those who love basking in the sun, the aft deck offers ample space for lounging and catching those golden rays. The cockpit also has some notable heavy-duty cleats that may look different, but are the epitome of functionality. 


The LEKKER 44 helm station features four ergonomic helm seats behind the steering wheel offering a commanding and clear view over the bow. Even if the bow goes up a little when getting on plane, visibility won't be hindered from this well-positioned and smartly laid-out control area. With the integrated Volvo Penta joystick system, docking is easy-breezy and stress-free allowing virtually anyone to dock safely and confidently. The seats are also adjustable, so drivers can operate the vessel comfortably while sitting, standing or leaning back on the chair.

The carbon fiber and rubber dash is sleek and clean with easy access to all controls and gauges featuring twin Garmin 16" touchscreens, responsive throttle controls, VHF radio, a sturdy automotive-style steering wheel and Volvo Penta Autopilot system. Check out that sturdy Garmin radar, the 5G antennas, the GPS and the navigation light on top. You can even stand or jump on the roof without any worries.

Above: The helm station onboard a LEKKER 44. Photo by Denison Yachting and LEKKER Boats.


Above: Lekker 44 interior cabin with convertible dinette / sleeping berth. Photo by Denison Yachting and LEKKER Boats.

For individuals interested in longer cruising and weekend trips, the air-conditioned cabin below offers ample space and comfortable protection from the elements. The modular interior allows owners to design their own kitchen, choose the size of the sleeping berths (up to 4 persons) and add a head for more comfortable cruising and longer excursions.

Upon opening the door to the interior cabin, you'll find a perfectly-sized wood table where passengers can comfortably gather and sit with a few companions. If additional space is required, simply press down the convertible dinette table, and a remarkable transformation occurs - a substantial bed, measuring three meters long (10 feet) by two and a half meters (8 feet) wide. This generous size provides abundant room for stretching out and unwinding. As for amenities, all your basic needs are taken care of. There is a separate shower available, along with a combined changing room and toilet. Towards the aft, you'll find a commodious sleeping area.


Above: The bow area on a LEKKER 44 boat underway. Photo by Denison Yachting and LEKKER Boats.

Moving towards the front of the boat, prioritizing safety becomes crucial, particularly in the bow area where turbulence can occur. Consequently, a high gunnel has been incorporated into the design to ensure your stability even during turbulent boat movements. Folks can enjoy some relaxation time on the large sunbed in the bow area with a cold drink from the integrated cooler below.

From front to back, the Lekker 44 is packed with features that make it an awesome choice for a day out on the water. Picture yourself relaxing on those plush cushioned seats, firing up the built-in grill to whip up a delicious dinner, or spending the night in the cozy cabin. 


Length Overall: 44 feet 
Beam: 14 feet 
Draft: Approximately 3 feet 
Hull Material: Aluminum 
Weight: Varies depending on configuration 
Fuel Capacity: Varies depending on configuration 
Water Capacity: Varies depending on configuration 
Engines: Typically powered by twin Volvo D6 diesels
Max Speed: 57 MPH

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