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Opening a new chapter in boating history, ATX Surf Boats combines an inventive spirit, passion for performance, creative use of space, and an all-new and already iconic design. All of which is designed around the needs and demands of our owners today and future owners of tomorrow. You’ve always said you wanted a new wake boat ‘one day.’ With ATX, ‘one day’ is today. Now there’s no reason to settle for a used boat, limited capabilities of an I/O, or a second-choice boat brand when you can choose an ATX that is high on style and high on performance.

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ATX Surf Boats energizes peoples’ lives with maximal experiences and a minimal investment, giving the broader masses a unique entry into the inboard segment. We know that most of us live life on a budget. We’ve created ATX Surf Boats to fit perfectly in your budget and your lifestyle. We have a relentless focus on creating highly desirable boats that our owners will love for life.

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